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snapchat hack torrent – snapchat hack latest version

snapchat hack torrentHow to use new Snapchat Playlists*Snapchat has been updated again and now puts your friends first. Previously, Auto Advance made it difficult to choose which friend’s story you wanted to watch, automatically playing one after the other. Now you can select the friend whose story you want to watch, and even create playlists of various friends’ stories. You just tap on the thumbnails next to your friends’ names in the order you want to create your playlist, then press play at the bottom of the screen.*Snapchat Playlists*How to use new Snapchat Daily lenses: How to use Snapchat lenses*Lenses are one of the most popular features of Snapchat – after the ability to send videos/photos that expire after 10 seconds, of course. It seems that Snapchat has also noticed this, with the photo-sharing giants offering the ability for its customers to buy (with real life money) lenses to be used at any time. The firm has since scrapped the idea of selling Lenses, and to stop the feature becoming stagnated, has introduced a new system. Instead of offering the same range of lenses on a day-to-day basis, the selection is updated daily, removing the oldest Snapchat lens and replacing it with a brand new one. Don’t worry, though – if you did buy any lenses, these will still be permanently available to you.*One of the most confusing things to new Snapchat users is how to access these lenses. Turn the camera so your face is on the phone’s screen as if you were to take a selfie, then tap and hold on your face until a mesh appears. Now release. Snapchat will load several lenses to the side of the capture button, which you can slide through to access. Many will require you to open your mouth to get the full effect – you’ll feel (and probably look) silly doing so in public, but at least you now understand why the kids are pulling such strange faces. 5 Play around with Snapchat lenses*One of Snapchat’s most famous features is its lenses: special effects capable of turning you into a dog, an old man or swapping your face with the friend beside you. To try them, switch to the front camera then tap and hold on the screen on your face. A carousel of lenses pops up, which you can swipe between to test them out. Some, like the dog lens and face-swaps, are available every day. Others rotate in and out, including some from advertisers. Once you’ve decided on a lens, you can take a photo or video as usual. Once you’re at home with text, stickers, filters and lenses, you’re ready to start sharing.** Keen Snapchatter Kim Kardashian, with friend Larsa Pippen, is a fan of the dog lens.*Facebook Twitter Pinterest* Keen Snapchatter Kim Kardashian (left), with friend Larsa Pippen, is a fan of the dog lens. Photograph: Snapchat*6 Share your snaps with the world*There are two ways to share a snap in Snapchat. The first is to send it to one or more friends using the blue “Send” button when it’s ready, then choosing them from your contacts list. The second is a more recent feature called “Stories”, which is a collection of snaps that you’ve taken in the past 24 hours and chosen to share publicly. Friends (or anyone on Snapchat, if you change your settings) can watch your story in that section of the app. To add snaps to your story, tap the button that looks like a square with a plus sign embedded in it. You can see your story from the screen accessed by swiping left on the camera screen, and that’s also where you’ll find the stories of friends and celebrities that you follow. 3. Apply up to 3 filters on a single Snap*Add a sepia filter, broadcast your location, and the current temperature all at the same time!*Snapchat Hacks*How to do it*Take a picture in the app as you would normally*Swipe left across the screen and choose your first filter*Once you’ve landed on the one you want, hold your thumb anywhere on the screen to secure the first filter in place*Now use your free hand to swipe through the other filters*Once you’ve chosen your second filter, lift your thumb off the screen for a moment before tapping and holding it down again. Now you’re ready to start swiping left and choose a third filter*If you’re not happy with your combo, simply swipe right to delete all three filters and return to your unfiltered image.*4. Memorize your Snapchat profile’s shareable browser link*And then you can easily post and promote it across other social networks. Here’s the format:*5. Give your Snap a soundtrack*This one requires a bit of timing if you want to capture a specific part of a song, but it’s a simple trick otherwise.*How to do it*Open a music app on your phone Subscribe and More Hack:


snapchat hack torrent – snapchat hack latest version
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snapchat hack torrent – snapchat hack latest version

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